Train song

I went out on a cold winter night

looking for money, looking for pride

along the rails, just on and on

ain’t no prize I might have won


keep on walking, keep on working

never waiting for no luck


Beacon Hill was once Mount Vernon

listen to the preacher’s sermon

he will tell you right from evil

faith in god will make you strong


keep on walking, keep on working

never waiting for no luck


Company says it won’t pay me more

if I’m run-down till the core

and if I work till I am gray

than six pence a day


keep on walking, keep on working

never waiting for no luck


My guitar and a bottle of rye

and now I let the smoke cloud my eye

I see the railway going on and on

ain’t no respect nor freedom that I haven’t won




I am free

free to go where I like to, free to stay where I want to

I roam the sea

all my friends are free like me

and when the tide is pulling out

I will go back down to the sea


I am strong

I am the best swimmer far and wide

one stroke in the water

and I am away

when the tide is pulling out

I will go back into the sea


I make a living on my own

cold does not bother me

I resist drifts I dislike

my fishtail is muscles and silvery gloss

when the tide is pulling out

I will be back under the sea


I am beautiful

my hair is shining under the moon

I have a siren’s voice

oh, how the seamen love me!

now the tide is pulling out

I am back under the sea



Birds‘ Eyes

smoke and fog and dullness

the morning commuter jam

exhaust and noise and yet no advance

when you see it through the eyes of a jay

a pearl necklace of bright white and red lights

curls along the roads like glittering veins


frost is biting the tip of your nose

your fingers are numb and so are your toes

snowflakes are melting so cold on your neck

when you see it through the eyes of a merle

diamonds are falling from the sky

each one unique


your neighbours rummage through their rooms

their baby is crying for hours it seems

do they have elephant company?

when you see it through the eyes of a pecker

it’s everyday apartment life

still your house is cosy and warm



To heal a damaged heart

How to heal a damaged heart:


200 gram French fries

20 gram ketchup along with 40 gram mayonnaise, nicely arranged rotational with the ketchup

250 gram of meat, breaded and golden yellow deep-fried

150 gram mixed salad for peace of conscience

One beverage of free choice – completely free, really! – just listen what your appetite tells you

A cup of coffee

One small piece of hot chocolate tarte

One bigger piece of fluffy lemon cake

Another cup of coffee

One peanutbutter muffin

One bowl of vanilla flan with hot raspberrys

10 min. stroking the cat

Nine hours of sleep

Night and Dream

I am not crazy.

I feel the stars pouring down their glistening songs over my milkwhite skin

I hear the rumbling of the sun as it rolls down behind the horizon and his roaring when he reascends the sky

I see every drop of a cloudburst that burst into more, tiny spheres of splash water

each of them carries the reflection of its millions of sisters on the glossy outside, before they splash and die

I stretch my hand to help the woman in the moon comb her hair, which is pale with age and frames her face like a halo

She is wearing her brightest diamonds again, in this vernal night

Some things I see clearer than my fellow human beings

I am not crazy

I am not so special – I distrust hatters, never followed a rabbit in haste

I like to dream.

The band

I am the beating heart

I am the rhythm, the drive

I’m in the background, but always there

I am the beating heart


I am ten fidgety fingers

I’m a ripple of sound, ever different, ever varying

Mine are sleight and nimble fingers

I am ten fidgety fingers


I am the voice

You will always hear me:

High and low, loud and clear, slurred and silent

I am the voice


We are one unit

we are drums, we are rhythm, we are pattern and variation

our music bands us together

We are one unit

Special armour

Kick my feelings,

stab my heart,

cheat me

and tell me to my face.

But I’m fine, everything’s okay.


Change was short,

the bus was late.

Rain began,

my coffee went cold.

But I’m fine, everything’s okay.


I am fine, everything is okay.

I donned my special armour today,

put on a thick skin,

turned all my weakness off.

Seems my harness is worn under a wide cloak,

unvisible, hard and strong.

I wish I could wear it all day long.

You keep a promise

You keep a promise you never made
You grant a wish I didn’t crave
You crack a smile when all is dull
You are the daisy on the brink.

You grab my hand before I trip
You catch my tears before they fall
You sign the post when I am lost
You are the fire in the night.

I knew you must be sublime
The shores of that I still explore.


~ 9 pm
OK… how late is it? The night is still young, I should avail myself of my time. Here is my laptop, there is my cup of tea, let’s have some cookies and become productive. There are some projects I have been wanting to realize, it is time for one of them to take shape this evening.

~ 10 pm
Let’s see… One hour passed. One hour only? Oh my, I haven’t started doing anything yet, I have been answering some mails, browsing and doing unimportant, boring things. Close the browsergame and the forums… and the webcomic. And when did I open the tab over there? – I get started right now!

~12 pm
Two hours already? Time flew by. But I have not quite finished my project. I want it to be good and complete and not released as an ephemeral fever that lasts only for one single day and then vanishes into thin air. No. I have been working on it for almost three hours by now after all, so it has to turn to something good! I have to give it a bit more time.

~ 1 am
My project progresses and so does my fatigue. The pace of work is getting slower and slower. But I want… to… continue. The completion is almost there, I know it. Almost ready. Almost.

~ 3 am
…I released my project now. I like that I finally used the opportunity and realized one of my plans. Dunno if I’m glad ‚bout how my project turned out in the end.
It is much too late. Won’t be gettin up tomorrow – no, today! – before midday. ‚m tired, my eyes burn slightly. Thirsty. No more tea in the pot. Glass of water. Teethbrushing.
Good night.